Twitter Calls Out Media Coverage Of Black Athletes Amid Brett Favre Scandal

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As the suspension of Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka takes over this week's news cycle, social media users are calling attention to the lack of media coverage on former NFL quarterback Brett Favre's alleged welfare scandal.

Twitter users are comparing how Black athletes are punished and treated by the media compared to their white counterparts amid reports of Favre diverting $5 million from Mississippi welfare funds to help pay for a stadium at the University of Southern Mississippi, his alma mater.

Despite Favre being accused of stealing from Mississippi's poorest people to build a new USM volleyball facility during the time his daughter was a part of the program, many social media users believe the former QB is facing much less scrutiny than Black athletes have in the past.

Users pointed to the mass media attention Udoka is facing for allegedly engaging in a consensual relationship with a Celtics staffer as the Favre story seemingly gets buried.

"They really had folks waiting with baited breath to find out this man cheated on his fiance (NIA LONG) with a coworker, " one person tweeted. "Something men have been doing for generations...meanwhile ESPN and the NFL remain hushed on #BrettFavre stealing welfare funds."

Others noted the months of scrutiny former NFL quarterback Michael Vick endured for illegal dog fighting, while the media has been "noticeably silent" about Favre's allegations.

"ESPN being too quiet about Brett Favre…. We saw Vick dogfighting coverage headlines for months, this is considerably worse," a Twitter user wrote.

Social media users also cited Jameis Winston's case.

"The fact that Jameis Winston stealing $32.72 worth of crab legs while in college got 100xs more media coverage than Brett Farve embezzling 5 million dollars from a welfare fund should tell you all you need to know," another person said.

See more reactions to the media coverage of Favre below.

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